Is the item in stock shipped within 1 day.

Products not in stock:

Products not in stock at the time of booking will have a delivery time

between 1 and 8 weeks, depending on which product is ordered.


Transport damage:

Transport damage must be reported before delivery to the transport company,

which means that the package must be examined and approved by the customer before being 

acknowledged and shipping company leaves the shipping address.


Product Warranty:

Unless otherwise mentioned, there is 2 years' right of claim under the Danish Purchasing Act.

Certain Bellistri collections are covered by 10 years product warranty.

Product warranty means that production defects are guaranteed.

Costs for craftsmen are not covered by Bellistri ApS.


Return of purchase:

There is a 14-day return on the goods, calculated from the day they are received.

If you choose to undo a purchase, simply return the item to the same condition as

you received it, and in original and undamaged packaging.

Cancellation can also be done by refusing the receipt of the item or by handing the item

personally in our business at Bredgade 69b, 1260 Copenhagen K.

Once the item has been returned and approved, the purchase price will be refunded to your 

account within a few days.

Return costs must be borne by yourself.

However, please note that when buying custom made items, these can not be returned and the 

purchase can not be undone.


Exchange Service:

The product must be in perfect marketable condition, and in the original packaging.

The product can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase and the original purchase 

receipt must be displayed.

Products can only be exchanged for other products from Bellistri ApS, and the money is not 


Reduced products, special orders and products made according to customer goals can not be 


In general:

All given measures is indicative.. Subject to the accuracy of the stated objectives.

Bellistri,is not responsible in any entered trade, printing errors, strikes, delays, price changes and 

force majeure.

Bellistri ApS reserves the right to change prices with immediate notice. Special agreements are 

valid only in writing.