If the item is in stock, it will be shipped within 1 day.

Products not in stock:

Products not in stock at the time of order will have a delivery time

between 1 and 8 weeks, depending on which product is ordered.

We will do everything we can to deliver all goods within the period specified in the order confirmation.

Transport damage:

Transport damage must be reported before the receipt is handed over to the transport company, which means that the package must be examined and approved by the

customer before receipt is given the shipment and the shipping company leave the delivery address.

In the event of non-visible damage/shortcomings, a written complaint must be sent to us within 5 days of the delivery date.

We cannot be held responsible for loss or transport damage.

Product warranty:

Unless otherwise stated, there is a 2-year right of complaint according to the Danish Sales Act.

Product warranty means that a guarantee is given against production defects.

The guarantee does not apply to defects caused by incorrect installation or to defects caused by dirt,

limescale and/or impurities in the water and the use of incorrect cleaning agents.

Costs for craftsmen and the like are not covered by Bellistri ApS.


Return of purchase:

There is a 14-day right of return on the goods, calculated from the day they are received.

If you choose to cancel a purchase, simply return the item in the same condition as

you received it, and in original and undamaged packaging.

Regret can also be done by refusing to receive the item or by handing the item over

in person at our store at Bredgade 69b, 1260 Copenhagen K.

When the item has been returned and approved, the purchase price will be refunded to your account within few days.

You must bear the costs of return yourself.

Please note, however, that when purchasing custom-made goods, these cannot

is returned and the purchase cannot be undone.

If you have bought online with collection in the store, one of the employees in the store will show you the products you have purchased when you pick them up.

Once you have approved them, they are transferred to you and this is considered a sale the counter and not as an online sale

as you have had time to inspect the products and decide whether you want to accept the goods or not.

We therefore do not offer a right of withdrawal for this type of transaction.

Exchange service:

The product must be in perfect salable condition and in the original packaging.

The product can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase, and the original purchase receipt must be presented.

Products can only be exchanged for other products from Bellistri ApS, and the money is not returned.

Discounted products, special orders and products made to the customer's measurements cannot be exchanged.

Delivery to the customer's address:

All shipments on pallets are made to the customer's address stated on the invoice, to the road side.

Bellistri ApS does not provide a transport service, this task is carried out on behalf of the customer or an external company chosen by the customer and carried out privately.

In the event of unavailability for the customer to receive the products, Bellistri ApS has no responsibility in the matter.

If it requires a rerouting or return / reshipment, this agreement is between the customer and the shipping company,

the costs and other charges arising from this operation are on behalf of the customer.

Uncollected products in the store:

When the customer is informed of the arrival of an ordered product in our store, the customer has 1 week to collect the products.

Storage over this period will be invoiced with a fee of DKK 1500 incl. VAT per month.

In general:

All stated measurements are indicative. Reservations are made for the accuracy of the stated measurements.

Bellistri reserves the right, in any transaction entered into, for typographical errors, strikes, delays, course changes and force majeure.

We shall not be liable for any delay or failure to comply with our obligations under the Terms if the delay or failure to comply due to events beyond our control.

Bellistri ApS reserves the right to price changes with immediate notice. Special agreements are only valid in writing.