Kitchen faucet 10376 with hand shower
      Kitchen faucet 10376 with hand shower
      23173 kitchen faucet

      Kitchen faucet 10376 with hand shower

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      Kitchen faucet 10376 with hand shower

      Faucet to one hole with swivel spout, hand shower

      and ceramic cartridge.

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      Kitchen faucet 10376 with hand shower

      Faucet to one hole with swivel spout, hand shower

      and ceramic cartridge.



      A) Before installation, clean the supplying piping throughly.

      B) For washbasin - bidet - sink:

      1) Screw the copper tubes or the hoses to the body (cold water on the right

      - hot water on the left).

      2) Screw the threaded rod M8 x 1 to the body of the tap and position the

      seal on the bottom of the body.

      3) Insert the tap into the ceramic hole and fix it using the iron

      horse and its fixing nut.

      4) Fix the copper pipes or the flexible to the arrival of the hot and cold



      For bath - shower - wall sink:

      1) Fix the eccentric fittings to the wall paying attention

      alignment, maintaining a distance between the center of the two

      eccentrics of 150 mm.

      Then screw in the rosettes

      2) Position the gasket inside the 3/4 "shell and tighten

      the latter to the eccentrics, taking care not to damage the caps.


      General warranty conditions.

      Our products are guaranteed for 10 years against any manufacturing defect

      (the warranty does not cover the cost of replacement),

      The warranty starts from the date of purchase and the invoice or receipt

      confirms this.

      To be able to verify any defects, therefore, to help us improve the reliability of

      our products, the items must be returned to be tested, ex our factory.

      If the result of our tests reveals any manufacturing defect, the guarantee will

      intervene and, consequently, we will provide either a development or

      replacement of the product.

      It is important not to conform to a manufacturing defect with normal wear and

      tear (warranty and maintenance).

      The warranty is granted only on manufacturing defects and normal wear is

      excluded (see exclusions).

      The warranty on the external finishes of the items is one year from the date of

      purchase (as proof of receipt or invoice).


      1) Installation not carried out to norms and rules of art:

      - pipe diameter not respected: this can cause or a large one

      increase or decrease in the range.

      2) Incorrect assembly or improper use:

      - pressure too high (over the maximum allowed value of 3 bar):

      - tube inversion (hot and cold)

      3) External bodies transported by water that deteriorate the mechanism or the

      coating. We recommend washing the pipes before installation.

      4) Damages caused by water composition:

      - Eg large amount of limestone in the water that affects the mechanism or

      the coating.

      The use of a filter is recommended.

      5) Normal wear of the mechanism, of the rubber part, of the dynamic joints:

      - replacement of the rubber part, joints, cartridges after verification.

      6) Lack of maintenance, no filter cleaning, greasing:

      - reduced flow rate from scale deposits in the filter

      - limestone deposits that alter the coatings

      - greasing of dynamic rubber joints (every year)

      7) Break due to ice:

      - uninsulated pipes

      - it is advisable to drain the water system, especially in second homes.

      8) Surface cleaning with unsuitable products (alcohol, abrasives, acids ... .);

      products also containing a small percentage of ammonia and acetone

      (cleaning products).

      We recommend neutral soap + warm water + soft cloth.

      9) Deterioration resulting from an abnormal assembly:

      - incompetent intervention - deteriorated seals;

      - broken parts - wrong reassembly: closure too tight.

      Breakage of the pieces

      10) Production of hot water not sufficient for operation

      - water heater or water heater too weak (eg for complete bathroom);

      - low hydraulic pressure on instantaneous water heater.


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      23173 kitchen faucet

      Kitchen faucet 10376 with hand shower

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